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Meet Dr. Lori

 Wife. Mommy. Friend. Lover of laughter...

Every body's Chiropractor

The human body amazes me! I truly believe that we are fearfully and wonderfully made! 

My favorite part of any appointment is the smile, thanks, or sigh of relief that I get when patients slink off of my table.It warms my heart to know that I help someone to reclaim their quality of life or help them bake with their Grands or my favorite- help them kneel and pray!

See, here’s the thing…

I know pain. I’ve lived through it and with it. Then I found chiropractic. In college, I had horrible migraines. When they struck, this fun-loving, easy going person became irritable and mean. I was INSUFFERABLE. I couldn’t bear light, sound, scents…

I couldn’t sleep, think or function. I was miserable! Traditional medicine failed me, I was so tired of being in pain.


Then, I finally saw a chiropractor. It changed me. This seemingly ordinary guy, took x-rays of my neck, said some long word that started with an “s” and had me lay on a funny looking table. He said that he was going to "adjust" me. One loud “clunk” later, I had INSTANT relief.


A headache that I had for 8 weeks, day in and day out, was gone. It was like he said abracadabra and poof, the pain was gone! But it wasn’t magic, it was chiropractic! That's when I decided to become a chiropractor.

I know why the “CRUNCH” that my patients hear is so satisfying and MAGICAL.

I know the relief that it brings when misalignments are adjusted.

I've spent the last 16 years honing in on my craft, learning different bodies, different techniques, different styles of adjusting- so that I can give each patient that lays on my table EXACTLY what he or she needs. 


I know the magic of chiropractic.

I know that every body is different. 

I also know that I'm a different KIND of chiropractor.


Every BODY'S chiropractor!

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